Four Freaky Facts About Cockroaches

Hand holding a brown cockroach by the antenna Cockroaches are the stuff of nightmares. They tend to hold the number 1 spot on most lists of “insects people hate,” with spiders, ants, and mosquitoes trailing close behind. Cockroaches are simply disgusting and repugnant. Worst of all, they seem to be nearly indestructible. Everyone’s heard of that legend about cockroaches being able to survive nuclear explosions. Thankfully, this is nothing more than an urban legend. Although cockroaches can withstand higher levels of radiation, a nuclear explosion would decimate the bugs (as well as everything else). Apart from the nuclear explosion detail, cockroaches can actually survive a lot. They are, in fact, built for survival.

Cockroaches Are Incredibly Fast

We’ve all been there before: you turn the lights on in a darkened room and you catch something scurrying across the floor. After you get over the initial fight, the fear begins to seep into your mind. A chill runs up your spine, you look for the nearest broom or discarded boot and begin your hunt. There’s a good chance your hunt will turn up fruitless for many reasons. For one, cockroaches are incredibly fast. At their fastest, they can run up to 50 body lengths per second. To put that in context, it’s the equivalent of a human running over 200 miles per hour! Imagine trying to catch a thief who can run as fast as a golden eagle, the second fastest bird on earth!.

Cockroaches Can Fit In Small Spaces

Not only are these critters fast, cockroaches have the ability to squeeze into the smallest of spaces.  So let’s say you notice the dark brown blur of that cockroach scurry under a  nightstand. You sneak over and begin to push the nightstand over, you brace yourself for what you’ll find beneath, boot in hand. But once you push the nightstand completely over, you see absolutely nothing, except for your bare wooden floor. Panic sets in once more. The cockroach could’ve gone anywhere! You might not sleep tonight, at least you’ll sleep with one eye open. But you might be fine in reality. There’s a good chance the cockroach simply crawled into your floor, since cockroaches can squeeze through spaces that are as small as four millimeters high. The cockroach could be far from your home at this point, crawling through the sewers beneath your neighborhood.

Cockroaches Can’t Be Crushed

But if you do spot the cockroach when you move the nightstand, you’ll undoubtedly use your quick reflexes to crush it with your boot. Although everyone knows you can simply step on a cockroach to kill it, most people may not be aware that cockroaches can withstand incredible forces. On average, a cockroach can take on forces of more than 900 times their own body weight without getting injured. Since cockroaches on average weigh around 0.1 grams, meaning they can take on 90 grams of pressure and scurry away unharmed. Although the stomps of most adult humans are well over 90 grams of force, there are some instances where the cockroach can still prevail. Say you decided to grab a nearby boot or rolled-up piece of newspaper to smack the insect. Depending on the strength you exert, there’s a high chance your small nemesis may scurry away unscathed, no matter how many times you whack it with the newspaper.

Cockroaches Can Survive Without Their Heads

Cockroaches seem to be made for survival. These insects don’t use their mouths for breathing and they can live for a month without food. When you combine those two details and subtract a cockroach head, you see how they can survive easily (for at least a week) without their heads. The extent to which cockroaches can survive is simply phenomenal… and gross.

Another crazy detail is the fact that cockroaches can become cannibalistic if the situation presents itself. Say there’s a cockroach infestation beneath your house. There will be way too many cockroaches and not enough food. This is a common scenario wherein cockroaches will begin to eat their brethren in other to live for another day. It may seem like the only thing that can truly destroy a cockroach is another cockroach.

Roach Control Helps Humans Deal with Cockroaches

Cockroaches are disgusting and unsightly. With the knowledge of how cockroaches can live and survive, you may actually have a newfound fear if the insect! Although they seem nearly impossible to destroy, there is a way to deal with cockroaches. With roach control, an infestation can be smited fully and effectively. Cockroaches may be able to scurry, squeeze into small spaces, survive crushing force and live without their heads for up to seven days. But roaches, like almost everything in life, are fallible.

Roach control is a simple term for a complex, all-encompassing procedure that makes use of many details in order to achieve the desired results. If you’re tired of stomping out the roaches in your house (perhaps they’re not dying and just come back for more?) then it may be time to seek professional roach control assistance. When you hire a professional team, you can rest assured with the knowledge that they’ll get rid of the infestation completely.

Roach control makes use of the most advanced tools in order to eradicate the infestation and keep roaches at bay. Consider roach control as the first and last line of defense against roach infestations. When you hire a roach control team, you can expect the following:

  • Inspection
    • Before anything can be done, the roach control team must inspect your home in order to build the best line of defense and take action accordingly. The inspection is an incredibly important step. With the knowledge gained, the team will be able to know exactly what to do in order to get rid of your infestation, which takes us to the next step.
  • Eradication
    • Here’s where the fun begins. Roach control makes use of the most advanced, most efficient tools and procedures in order to successfully get rid of the roaches within any home. Although roaches can survive many situations, they can’t escape the eradication process of roach control. Depending on the severity of your particular infestation, roach control can take a variety of steps. The team may use many different treatments to take care of the roaches. From roach bait to traps and bombs, there is something for any infestation. But don’t think the battle is over once the roaches are killed!
  • Continued Care
    • In order to make sure your home is safe from roaches, the roach control team may offer continued care services. Depending on the severity, the team may come to check if your home is in good condition every month or every few weeks. This continued support will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Roaches may seem like an impossible force to get rid of but with the right roach control, you’ll be happy and roach free!