Stop Those Ants From Marching Once and For All

ants in a line with a hand holding a magnifying glass over one of themAnts in the home are not as nearly as gross as roaches, but they certainly are more of a nuisance. Finding a line of marching ants across your countertop or through your bathroom can be a real pain. The trouble is that even after you spray them down and wipe them away they persistently return. You may feel like your home is tidy and airtight, however, these tiny pests will go after crumbs and can squeeze between uncaulked cracks in your home. While professional ant control is the best solution, there are a few things you should know about ant infestation prevention.

Why Do I Have Ants in the Bathroom?

First and foremost, you probably have old caulking that no longer seals every nook and cranny in your restroom. More than likely, ants are sneaking in through these cracks. Secondly, ants are attracted to the chemical cleaners you use in your restroom as well as standing water and the disgusting smells from deep in your pipes. If you watch the ants closely before wiping them out you will more than likely find where they are coming from. The truth of the matter is though, unless you wipe them out with some kind of ant control, they will find another way in.

You also want to look around your bathroom and identify anything that might be attracting the ants. The trash can, a drain that is dirty or not used often, or water that pools in a certain section should all be cleaned and fixed. Again, while these are not permanent solutions to getting rid of the problem they certainly will help.

Why Do I have Ants in the Kitchen?

Ants in the kitchen might be a little more easy to identify. The line of ants will more than likely be marching to cereal left out on the counter or the bread box. Again, standing water and the smell of your cleaning products will also attract them. Watching where they come from will also help you know where to apply caulking. Keeping your food stored in airtight containers or in the fridge will also be a big help. Again, professional ant control is the best way to get rid of the ants and keep them out of your kitchen.

Why Do the Ants Keep Returning?

In nature, ants take part in the decomposition process of dead logs. They often nest in hollow trees or stumps. So, when you have wet or damaged wood or insulation in the middle of your walls ants will be attracted to it. You may find the ants returning time and time again because you may have a colony within your walls. If this is the case over the counter spray will not be strong enough to eliminate the problem.

Contact the Professionals for Ant Control

If you are experiencing the annoying problem of ants crawling across your kitchen or bathroom, or any other room in your house for that matter, Brants Pest Control can help. Our experts will not only get rid of the ants you see, but our ant control will take care of any colonies near or inside your home. Contact us today to set up an appointment.