Why Getting Rid of Bedbugs Hasn’t Worked Until Now

bed bug casting a huge shadow on a bedLast month my worst nightmare took place. My husband and I use our small guest apartment as a rental for out-of-towners to stay when visiting. It’s a great situation because we list it online and just maintain and clean the apartment between guests. However, there are some things a homeowner never wants to hear, and last month I was that owner. Late in the evening, a guest sent me a message to let me know she had arrived. The following morning, she sent me another message to notify me that she had awoken with several small insect bites that she believed to be from bedbugs.

But I Clean Regularly!

Contrary to popular belief, washing your sheets regularly doesn’t mean you’re immune from bedbugs. These little critters hitchhike on humans and animals, and they hang out on clothes, furniture, and even luggage. That means even if you wash the sheets regularly at a hotel or other place where travelers stay, bedbugs can still be present in the carpet, other linens, and even furniture like lamps, couches, and throw pillows. And the worst part is that they can be present in one place and easily transferred to another!

Why Chemical Treatments are Often Ineffective

Many pest control companies will have you inspect, wash, bag up, and even throw away many of  your belongings in order for them to use a chemical to kill the bugs. These chemical treatments use several pesticides that are considered relatively safe, but can often leave traces of chemicals that aren’t ideal for children and pets. It also doesn’t ensure that every single bug dies.

But, fret not! More recently, a new kind of bed bug treatment has proven to be an excellent option. This kind of bedbug treatment uses heat and doesn’t involve the harmful effects of chemicals. Because the little critters can’t withstand high temperatures, the heat kills both live adults and eggs. Bedding, luggage, and sheets can all be placed in a “hot box” which heats the items beyond the lethal temperature for an extended amount of time.

Brants Pest Control Will Burn Your Bedbugs!

Heat treatment is the most effective and safe way to eliminate bedbugs. In El Paso, Brants Pest Control provides expert timely service, and they aren’t finished until every last bug is gone! Contact Brants today to end your bedbug infestation.