Scorpion Control: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Arizona bark scorpion - Centruroides exilicauda (formerly C. sculpturatus) - small light brown scorpion common to the Sonoran Desert in southwest United States and northwestern MexicoScorpions are some of the most common desert-dwelling creatures, although they do look pretty extraterrestrial. If you live in the El Paso area and you’re facing issues with these types of creature, Brants Pest Control can help. Our scorpion control services will leave you scorpion-free.

What Exactly Are Scorpions, Anyway?

Although scorpions aren’t as dangerous as their outward appearance sets them out to be, they can still be a nuisance. It’s important to point out that out of the 2,000 known species, only 25 pose harm to humans. Babies are particularly at risk around scorpions, due to their size. So if you have a scorpion infestation at home and you have a small child, it’s prudent for you to get scorpion control services as quickly as possible. Scorpion infestations are different than ant or cockroach infestations because scorpions aren’t necessarily “gross,” they’re frightening. Never before has the term “creepy crawler” been more accurate. Those two gigantic pincers, the nightmarish tale, everything that makes up a scorpion is frightening. Imagine having a couple dozen running around your property or within your home. If this is your current situation, then it’s time to do something about it!

It’s Time for Scorpion Control

So now that you know a bit more about scorpions, how can you get rid of them? Scorpion control comes in many varieties. First, homeowners must keep any nooks and crannies closed. Since doors and windows are the most common entryways for scorpions, you must make sure these areas are closed securely. If there’s a small entryway that you’re unaware of, a professional team can come to your home and deal with the issue.

Scorpions thrive in the warm weather but they also need moisture to survive. Make sure your outdoor air conditioner unit isn’t leaking any water and remove any debris from around your home. If you use firewood, make sure it’s around 30 feet away from your home. These are hotspots for scorpions and if they’re close to your home, the scorpions will want to find their way into your home.

If these options don’t yield the results you desire, then professional scorpion control may be your best option. The professional team will perform interior and exterior services to completely eradicate scorpions and halt any more scorpions to resurface. The specifics of the services vary from company to company. If you’re in the El Paso area and you’re facing scorpion control issues, Brants Pest Control can help! Contact us today to learn more.