Why Are Ants Attracted to My Bathroom?

Ants in the house on the baseboards and wall angleAnts in the bathroom is a very annoying problem. Spraying the place down with store bought pesticides will surely take care of the problem for a day or two. However, it certainly won’t get rid of the colony traveling into the home or living in the walls. Several environmental features in the common bathroom attract ants. The best way to handle this issue is to take care of the problems and call the experts for ant control. Brants Pest Control offers thorough, effective extermination of several types of unwanted intruders. We have a few culprits that might be attracting the ants to the restroom in the first place.


There is no way to avoid moisture in a restroom. With constant showers and usage of toilets and sinks moisture in the bathroom is inevitable. Especially old restrooms may even have decaying wood, pipes, drywall and other materials that are caused by excess water. These decaying materials can be baiting the ants to your restroom without you realizing it. Unnoticed pooling water can also call the attention of a colony. At this point of infestation ant control is a must.


It’s not a secret that even the cleanest bathroom can come with unfavorable odors. Hair in the drains, excess skin cells from combing hair and drying skin, and standing water in pipes are all odors than can possibly attract the attention of ants. Most people may not notice these odors right away and feel stumped as to why ants keep reappearing. However, they can find a wealth of food and water sources and are attracted to them by odors. For this reason, spraying insecticide is not enough to get rid of ants. Scrubbing the bathroom with bleach is a great step to repel germs but it isn’t adequate ant control.

Get the Ant Problem Under Control

Ants are constantly looking for new food sources to take back to the colony. They are also always looking for new places to colonize. If they find a bathroom favorable as a reliable food source they may colonize in the walls and spread throughout the house. Certain types of ants can even cause problems to wood structures. Moist wood in bathroom walls can be easier to tunnel through. Letting the problem go for too long or simply masking it with store bought pesticides can lead to a bigger issue.

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