Prepare for the Spring With Pest Control

Pest Control Worker Spraying Pesticides On Wooden DrawerEven those that don’t like the cold can appreciate the lack of bugs through the winter. This is especially true about roaches and ants. However, with the trees already budding and the weather warming up in El Paso, we can expect the pests to come out of hiding. Closets, crawl spaces, garages, and gardens will all be prime real estate within a month or two. The best way to handle the problem is to get ahead of it with some professional pest control.

A Few Tips for a Pest Free Home

The best line of defense is always professional pest control. The experts simply have better supplies, tools, and expertise for getting rid of your bug and vermin problems. However, there are several tips that can help keep your home a nice environment for you, but not the pests. Roaches, scorpions, moths, and mice love warm crowded spaces. That pile of bills to shred, that closet where you keep clothes from the 80s, or the dingy garage full of garage sale leftovers is all great places for these vermin. The best thing you can do for your home is declutter. Secondly, the moisture in your crawl space is a prime place for wood eating insects to start their feast. Keeping this area dry and clean will be a big help in the long run. Repairing drafty windows, torn screens, and door stops will also keep the bugs out of your home.

Outdoor Maintenance for Clean Living

There are a lot of fixes that you can conduct outdoors to your home and landscaping to keep bugs away. While it can be healthy for your garden for certain bugs to call it home, an overgrowth is no good. You certainly don’t want to attract mosquitoes either. Tree trimming, gutter cleaning, and getting rid of standing water will all help to avoid mosquitoes and roaches. If you have bushes in the front or backyard or fruits or berries growing, be sure to use natural bug killers or food-safe pesticides.

Call in the Experts for Pest Control

As mentioned  before, professional pest control should be your first line of defense. With a bit of regular cleaning and maintenance added on you can enjoy a bug free home. Contact Brants Pest Control to set up an appointment. We can also provide lawn care and weed control. Call us today for more info.