Prepare for the Spring With Pest Control

Even those that don’t like the cold can appreciate the lack of bugs through the winter. This is especially true about roaches and ants. However, with the trees already budding and the weather warming up in El Paso, we can expect the pests to come out of hiding. Closets, crawl spaces, garages, and gardens will […]

Why Are Ants Attracted to My Bathroom?

Ants in the bathroom is a very annoying problem. Spraying the place down with store bought pesticides will surely take care of the problem for a day or two. However, it certainly won’t get rid of the colony traveling into the home or living in the walls. Several environmental features in the common bathroom attract […]

Keeping Roaches Out Of The Presents: Roach Control for the Holidays

As the weather outside gets colder and colder, people all across the country begin to spend more time indoors, next to that cozy fire. But people aren’t the only ones who prefer the warm indoors to the “frightful” weather outside. Roaches tend to follow in a similar trajectory, moving indoors to find warmth and shelter […]

Scorpion Control: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Scorpions are some of the most common desert-dwelling creatures, although they do look pretty extraterrestrial. If you live in the El Paso area and you’re facing issues with these types of creature, Brants Pest Control can help. Our scorpion control services will leave you scorpion-free. What Exactly Are Scorpions, Anyway? Although scorpions aren’t as dangerous […]

Why Getting Rid of Bedbugs Hasn’t Worked Until Now

Last month my worst nightmare took place. My husband and I use our small guest apartment as a rental for out-of-towners to stay when visiting. It’s a great situation because we list it online and just maintain and clean the apartment between guests. However, there are some things a homeowner never wants to hear, and […]

Stop Those Ants From Marching Once and For All

Ants in the home are not as nearly as gross as roaches, but they certainly are more of a nuisance. Finding a line of marching ants across your countertop or through your bathroom can be a real pain. The trouble is that even after you spray them down and wipe them away they persistently return. […]

Four Freaky Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the stuff of nightmares. They tend to hold the number 1 spot on most lists of “insects people hate,” with spiders, ants, and mosquitoes trailing close behind. Cockroaches are simply disgusting and repugnant. Worst of all, they seem to be nearly indestructible. Everyone’s heard of that legend about cockroaches being able to survive […]

Why Professional Pest Control is the Way to Go

Walk into any home improvement or big box store and you will find a plethora of pest control products. These items claim to get rid of every kind of unwanted insect and rodent. In fact, the claims are so strong, about the only thing they will not get rid of is your daughter’s new boyfriend. […]

Termite Control is Necessary After You’ve Found An Infestation In Your Home

Termites can cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They feed on wood, paper, insulation and filtration systems, which makes anyone’s personal property a target. The thought of these little winged creatures silently feeding on your home may not be such a wonderful picture in your head. If you’ve recently discovered termites inside of […]

Rodents Can Be More Problematic Than You May Think

Mice and rats have been an issue for what seems like forever. A rat infestation was the cause of Black Death in Europe during the Middle Ages and the lack of rodent control led to the Bubonic plague in 1900. Mice and rats are considered the cause of the 2012 Yosemite National Park hantavirus outbreak. […]