Rodents Control in El Paso’s Desert

In the desert, there are many rodents including rats, mice, prairie dogs, and chipmunks. You may also find a raccoon or two rummaging through your garbage or a few squirrels in your trees. However, rats and mice more commonly plague homes than other pests. These kinds of rodents can carry diseases, be harmful to pets and children, and can find their way into your kitchen or pantry where you store your food. El Paso has multiple species of rats and mice, all of which have a tendency to invade your home. If you struggle to keep these critters out of your home, Brants’ rodent control can help!

When Rodents Invade Your Home

The most obvious sign you have an infestation in your home is droppings. Oftentimes, rodents will leave droppings in cabinets and pantries, essentially anywhere they can get their paws on food. But it’s also not uncommon to find droppings in small or confined places, like under the sink or behind furniture. You may also notice small, chewed through holes in food packaging or bigger holes in walls and doors that allow rodents to travel in and out of your home and to and from different rooms. Lastly, rodents leave behind a stale smell from their droppings, which can help you identify an infestation.

Why You Want to Keep Rodents Out

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Many people like to keep mice and rats as pets and while we have to admit they can be quite cute, a pet rodent and a feral rodent can be two completely different things. Pet rodents that you can buy at pet stores are often bred in captivity and given vaccines to prevent diseases. Feral rodents don’t receive this kind of treatment and can bring diseases into your home, which you can get from bites, scratches, or from ingesting their droppings. This is why it’s important to keep rodents out of your home and away from children and pets.

Rodent Control in El Paso

We use a combination of snap traps, bait boxes, and glue boards to control your rodent issue. Bait boxes are used primarily outside, while snap traps and glue boards are better for rodents that are already inside your home. We’ll also investigate to find where the rodents are coming in from and make sure they are prevented from coming in again. This way, you won’t have to worry about any more sneaky rodents from crawling into your home. If you need help taking care of a rodent problem, Brants Pest Control is here to help. We’ll get your home rodent-free in no time! Call us today!